Dog Fences

We offer many types of dog fences: from underground to wireless, to chain link and welded wire outdoor dog kennel runs.

Several manufacturers are represented in this index, each specializing in one dog fence or another.

Hidden Underground Dog Fence
Dog Fence - Hidden
DOGEF3000 Dogtra E Fence Gold Underground Dog Fence
DOGEF3000 Dogtra E Fence Gold Underground Dog Fence Features:
*5 levels of correction control. You can choose a different level for each dog to suite their individual temperaments.
* Up to 40 acre range
* 2-hour rapid recharge
* Waterproof
* Wire break check
* For dogs over 10 Lb
Category: Dogtra Hidden Dog Fence
Details & Pricing
INNBD25 Extra Boundary Wire Kit for Hidden dog fences
INNBD25 Extra Boundary Wire and Training Flags for expanding all in-ground dog fences. Includes 500 ft of 20 gauge wire, 50 flags, 2 splices.
Category: Hidden Dog Fence
Price: $45.95 
INNSD3000 Contain & Train Hidden dog fence
INNSD3000 BASIC Contain & Train Underground Dog Fence offers a hand-held transmitter for training your dog (inside the boundary or away from home).
* Patented Run-Thru Prevention
* Progressive Correction
* Up to 5 acres of yard and 150 yard range for training.
* Good & Bad Dog Tone on trainer
* Replaceable 3-Volt Lithium Battery in Collar
* For Dogs Weighing 20-220 lbs.
Category: Innotek Hidden Dog Fence
Price: $195.99 
PawzAway Wireless Dog Barrier

INNZND1200 If ZONES is near it, your pet will be far away from it.

Pawzaway Wireless Indoor Barrier keeps pets away from objects or areas. Simply place the small transmitter near the object to be protected and the collar will do the rest.
Category: Scat Mat & Dog Deterrent
Category: Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence
Price: $59.95 
PSPIF0012917 Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence
PSPIF0012917 Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence is completely portable. No wires, no poles, no unsightly barrier of any kind. Just plug it in. NEW larger area.
* Dogs over 5 Lbs
* Up to 3/4 acre (210 ft diameter)
Category: Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence
Price: $299.95 
PSPIF300 Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence
PSPIF300 hidden dog fence. WIRELESS No Fence. No poles. No buried wire. If you can plug in a cord, you can install Petsafe's Instant Wireless Dog Fence
* For Dogs 8 lbs and Up
* Wireless Coverage Area Up to 180 ft. diam (up to 1/2 acre)
* Easy to Install
* Completely Portable, NO Wire to Bury
Category: Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence
Price: $259.95