Dog Training Dummy

Bird dog training dummies will enhance your training for your eager pup or your seasoned retriever.  The best dummies are durable and made of materials that can easily simulate the heft of the real bird. Ropes add distance to the throw.

Colors vary depending on the terrain and the training level of the dog.  White dummies are usually easiest seen -  especially against dark backgrounds.  Two-tone dummies can be seen against either white or dark backgrounds.  For humans, orange dummies are easiest to find.  However, orange dummies appear neutral grey to a dog and are harder to find by sight. An orange training dummy requires more scent than sight.  For this reason they are often used for more advanced dogs.

Price: $5.99 
PSSD1650 Canvas Bird Dog Training Dummy
PSSD11650 Versatile, durable, Sportdog Brand Canvas Bird Dog Training Dummy is weighted for easy throwing, simulates actual game size and weight, and the absorption of the canvas holds game scents well
Category: Dog Training Dummy
Price: $5.39 
PSSD11651 Plastic Bird Dog Training Dummy
PSSD11651 Sport Dog training dummies are designed to compliment any gun dog training program. They come in a variety of colors for throwing against any background.
Category: Dog Training Dummy
Price: $5.89 
PSSD11746 Check Cord
PSSD11746 Check Cord provides tangle free operation without knots. 30 Ft.
Category: Dog Training Dummy
Price: $18.99