Dog Tranquilizers, Clamatives, Sedatives

Dogs are naturally upset by loud noises and strange circumstances. Puppies who are exposed to varied environments and activities at a young age has fewer problems than puppies who live at-home, sheltered lives. However, most dogs will have an anxiety response to a new stimulation at some time in their lives.

Most dog tranquilizers are not prescription meds. In fact, most are not medications at all.
We offer a variety of natural calming aids from gels to sprays to chewable tabs to heartbeat pillows to the new and unique Thundershirt.

They will help calm separation anxiety, car travel anxiety, thunderstorm and firecracker anxiety and a myriad of fears in between.

TS00120 Thundershirt Dog Calming Vest
free shipping TS00120 Thundershirt Dog Calming Vest uses gentle, constant pressure to calm your dog. Helps calm hyperactivity, problem barking, crate training, travel anxiety, separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms and fireworks, and more
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Price: $39.95