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Transitioning to a new bit is necessary when you are educating a horse through stages of control. You may go through 4 or 5 bits before you end up with his “lifetime” bit. Try to transition in baby steps. Change only one pressure point of a bit at a time – relaxing the previously mastered pressures from his old bit as you take up new pressures with a new bit. 
ie: When moving from a single-joint-snaffle bit (with tongue pressure as its dominant feature) to a three piece mouthpiece, the tongue pressure is reduced as rein cues are better understood. Moving from the Dee-three-piece snaffle to a shanked snaffle can add just curb pressure to his experience.

Don’t introduce new exercises until he has re-mastered all of the old ones in the new bit.

Horses who have been ridden in curb bits can be re-schooled to snaffles fairly easily. Older horses who have ridden in snaffles take a very considerate hand and lots of patient training to change to a curb bit.

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