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metro clipper booster

metro clipper booster

METBST-1 Metro Clipper Booster
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Double your pleasure! Now you can fly through heavy cutting jobs faster and easier.

Clipper boost increases the speed of Oster A-5, A-2 and other single speed clippers. Give you extra power to eliminate the strain and struggle of cutting through thick coats.

Just plug this unit into the wall and then plug your clippers into the unit. Flip the "Boost" switch on and cut through matted, knotted hair more quickly and easily. Metro Clipper Boost reduces cutting time plus makes grooming more pleasant and more profitable.

See these informative articles to help with your clipping tasks:

Cat Grooming Tips
Cats are a different grooming challenge. A few simple rules will make the job a lot easier.
Which Blades Clip Which Dogs
Find your breed and get advice on which blades will clip which areas of your dog.
Home Grooming Tips
Make it easier to clip and groom your pets as well as how to use and store your equipment.

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