BIOB2213R BioBubble Reptile Habitat
BIOB2213R BioBubble Reptile Habitat
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The versatility and the functionality of the BioBubble make it one of the most unique, state of the art animal habitats available today. The BioBubble can transform into a terrarium, a small greenhouse, a butterfly house, or small pet habitat, customized to meet the needs of any small pet owner. Additionally it can be used for countless educational projects at home or in the classroom. ...

The BioBubble Terra for Reptiles Kit comes already equipped for a terrarium or many other configurations. Out of the box, it measures 18"H x 16" diameter. Make it taller and more elaborate by adding a 12" clear or mesh riser and it measures 30"H x 16" Diameter. Add another and it gets even higher.

    Each BioBubble Reptile Terra Kit Includes:
  • Terra Base (Cannot be used to make an aquarium)
  • Dome
  • Cap
  • Removable Bedding Tray for use with a land environment to keep your BioBubble Terra clean and sanitary
  • 8" Clear Acrylic Riser with an interchangeable insert to offer more or less ventilationinsects, butterflies, or any small pets you want to enjoy.
  • Mesh Riser Insert
  • 8 Riser Clips
  • 12" Tall Stainless Steel Mesh Riser - -  safe for all livestock and won't rust or corrode over time. It allows for extra space for reptile specific décor to enable climbing or hiding
  • Bio Screen - allows for multiple types of Reptile lighting to be used at once.
  • Inside decorations and cage furniture not included - purchased separately

    You will enjoy easy access and clear views into the world and life of your small friend. Manufactured from crystal clear acrylic, the 360 degree dome allows light from any environment to illuminate the inside of the BioBubble, and the lighted bubble can be viewed from any angle, making it perfect as a desktop or designer Terrarium

      The units and accessories are modular. Build like Lego. Mix and match add-ons for higher and more interesting designs.
    1. Start with a basic BioBubble Reptile Terra. It comes in 6 vibrant colors. Stop there if you want to start with the basic environment.
    2. Choose accessories if you want a taller reptile, insect or butterfly habitat.
      • Risers: Inserted between the dome and the base, Risers add height to your habitat. You can use one riser or even more. Mix and match or build a sky scraper by adding more than one.

        Choose a 12" Clear Riser to add a solid, invisible center section to your terrarium. Best for tropical rain forest animals who require more moisture and less ventilation.

        Choose a 12" Mesh Riser to add a ventilation, full mesh screen between the dome and the base for many climbing reptiles and other small animals that need extreme ventilation. Desert Reptiles usually need this type of riser.
    3. Deep Bedding Tray The BioBubble base holds a removable bedding tray that can hold water or substrate. A power cord from a heat rock or light can be run thru the top of the tray and out side the BioBubble environment. This hole can be cut with a pair of scissors to fit your specific need. Base also includes small dish in the center for food or water. Deep Base holds more litter or substrate than the standard bedding tray
    4. BioBubble Reptile Screen is a screen platform that sits on top of your riser (just below the dome) It allows you to set a light on top of your reptile habitat for UVA or UVB light or heat lamp. (lights sold separately)
    5. Replacement Carbon Fresh Pad is infused with activated carbon granules. The activated carbon soaks up moisture and odors to create an odor-free environment
    6. Add a 4" Riser INSERT with Small-Grid Ventilation Screen. Kit comes standard with LARGE-grid ventilation screen. Some small reptiles can squeeze through the grid. Replace that with the smaller grid screen for small reptiles such as anoles and to help keep crickets inside the habitat.
    7. LED Light Cap: Allows you to light up your BioBubble to make viewing even more beautiful and five your pets a more natural environment. (9600 Kelvin Daylight White bulb Included)
    8. Replacement LED Bulb: Fits into the LED Light Cap. Come in four colors including UV light. (ETA July)
          Whether you choose to set your BioBubble Terra up as a terrarium, an insect habitat, a small animal habitat, or even an herb garden, your BioBubble comes complete with everything you need to get started right now.

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